Monday, December 20, 2010

Extremely Special Q&A with...

Suzanne LaFleur, author of "Love, Aubrey"!
Thank you so much for this Q&A Suzanne, it is amazing!
You can contact Suzanne via her website, Here.
Ok, here we go, enjoy everyone!

*How long did it take you to write Love, Aubrey?

11 months, plus a little time for editing with the publishing house.
*Did you use an agent?

Yes! I have a wonderful agent.
*In a film version, who would you have playing Aubrey?

I have no idea! I don't keep up with stars and movies the way I do authors and books... I don't imagine there is anyone out there who is just like Aubrey the way I picture her.
*Who are you closest to in Love, Aubrey?

I am definitely closest to Aubrey, because during the writing process I had to see the world through her eyes and live in her thoughts.
*Do a lot of people ask for your autograph?

Plenty of people do...sometimes it's at a place that makes sense, like at a book-signing...sometimes it's outside of the school where I work when everyone is trying to go home! It's definitely an interesting transition, to suddenly have people wanting your autograph!
*What inspired you to write Love, Aubrey?

In one way, I was taking a writing class and needed to write 
something.  I hadn't felt good about what I had been writing in the class I took before that and was starting a new semester with a new teacher who I heard would be really tough. So I wanted to write something I felt really good about. Aubrey was just there, seemingly out of nowhere. The story started for me where it starts for the reader...with Aubrey living alone and with Savannah I wrote to found out what had happened. When I look back on my life during that time, I think I was writing about things I was afraid grandmother had just lost her sister and I was very worried about what she was feeling, and I couldn't imagine losing someone from my own immediate family.
*How is your second book coming along?

Great! It's actually's called 
Eight Keys. We are heading into the stage where the book layout is set and then my editors and I will read through another time to check for last-minute details to fix.
*When is it expected to be out?

August 2011 in the US, and within a few weeks of that time everywhere else.
*Do you get lots of fan mail?

It feels like quite a bit to me. I get somewhere between twelve and twenty emails a week. I try to reply every week or every other week. I get letters, too, but fewer, perhaps half a dozen a month, and usually I'll reply to all the letters once a month. Like being asked for my autograph, I kind of can't believe people want to write to 
*What are some of your hobbies?

I love reading, swimming, cooking, going for walks, traveling, playing video and computer games...
*Did you always want to be an author?

Almost always! I decided "officially" when I was nine that I wanted to be an author...before that, I thought maybe I would be a teacher (I am an assistant teacher now, too) and also for a while I was very interested in being an artist--the drawing/painting kind of artist. I made my first money from art by selling a marker picture of an abstract guitar to my godmother when I was about seven--I made five cents.
*What are some of your favourite books?

I love 
The Giver and the Anastasia books by Lois Lowry, Walk Two Moons and other books by Sharon Creech, the Harry Potter books, the Lemony Snicket books, and The Never-Ending Story by Michael Ende.
*Do you do lots of interviews?

Not too many! Just once in a while.
*Why do you write?

Mostly because it's fun. I recently taught my first-grade class a few fiction-writing lessons and I told them I am a professional "make-stuff-up-er." I have always loved reading for the opportunity to visit another world, even if it's a realistic world through the eyes of someone else, but it's another degree of intensity when you are actually building the world and characters yourself.
I specifically write children's books because when I was growing up a lot of adults seemed to think kids' books were not true literature and not very important. I disagreed with both of those ideas and wanted to write great kids' books to prove them wrong.
*Did Love, Aubrey make you sad when you were writing it?

Only on a couple rare occasions. I think I cried just twice...once in an intense scene (I won't say for fear of spoiling!) and once at the very end, because I was done writing.
*What similarities are there between you and any of the other characters in Love, Aubrey?

I actually think I am a lot like Gram. I often take the approach with my students that they can handle a lot more than you might think they can if you just give them the opportunity to try. I actually love to give them a list of work or activities and just see what they can do with it! I like to watch them grow and move forward, and to help them do that as much as I can.

Well there you go! I hope everyone loved it! Just as much as I enjoyed the whole thing! (Talking with Suzanne, asking the questions, reading the answers, posting it for you... the list is endless!
Thank you again for this amazing Q&A,  I can't wait to read Eight Keys!

Keep Writing and Reading,

P.P.S. Guess what? I've finished my longer story! It didn't make it quite as long as I'd have liked, but I couldn't write it longer then it wanted to go, so I'm more then happy with it!

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