Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Books, Books and more books.

Books are a huge part of my life, I've grown up loving them, I constantly have a full library card (as it's such a wonderful way of seeing if books you're interested in are as good as they sound, so you can go and buy them!) and they also help me with my writing.
Some books that I think you should absolutely read are (And I'll most definitely (well I hope to) be writing reviews for them all in the future) :

The Giver by Lois Lowrey.
Inkworld trilogy by Cornelia Funke.
Love, Aubrey by Suzanne Lafleur.
Reckless by Cornelia Funke.
The Keepers: Museum of Thieves by Lian Tanner.
Flyaway by Lucy Christopher.
Running Wild by Michael Morpurgo.
The Loblolly Boy by James Norcliffe.
Chasing Odysseus by S.D. Gentill.
Anne of Green Gables by L.M. Montgomery.
Far Flung adventures by Paul Stewert and Chris Riddell.
Howls Moving Castle by Diana Wynne Jones.

There are just so many amazingly brilliant books just waiting to be read out there, just waiting to be loved and treasured, just waiting for you; all of you!

So now that I've given myself the task of writing reviews for all these books (and more besides) I'll have to start ASAP!
And if any of you know of a particularly amazing book that you think I should read and then review, I'm, as always, super happy to have your suggestions! Just comment on this post, or any of the others.

Thanks and keep writing,

Is it just me or is everyone excited about christmas???

Today I am going into town to buy christmas cards, I'm so excited! The thought of christmas always gets my excitedness awake...?
Well anyway, I'm really excited!
I just love christmas, it's my sisters daughters first christmas, it's my 14th (I think, I'm not really that great at maths), I love writing cards, sending cards and gifts, getting up early on christmas morning, going out to see the lights... oh how lovely christmas is!
And all that wrapping paper! A perfect chance for some Recycling!
Well I guess I just wanted to pass some of my excitedness onto you, who ever You are, I wish everyone who has ever looked at my page and those who have not a Very Merry Christmas!

Keep writing over the holidays,

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Some Writing about my Writing!

I haven't actually really written about my writing on my blog, so I've debated on between what to post and decided to do this one first!
Well, I have written quite a few stories, my first one was about a girl who is actually a princess and goes on a quest, along the way she gets a pair of her own wings; sadly this story got lost on my old computer (and it was REALLY old) so I no longer have it, well I do have it, but only in my mind.
I do think I should re write it, that would be fun!
My other first story (that I still have) is about two best friends (unlikely best friends) and it is about how they help each other and live together; I wrote it about a year ago... or was it two?
There are heaps more I could tell you about but the last one for now is a series I'm currently writing, it's about a girl who she keeps a diary and writes about her writing, life, family and general stuff she does!
I'm up to book 4 I think, and I'm really keen to get them published, that would be utterly amazing!
(It's quite funny, I tried to underline do in this post and then I couldn't get the underline off! I finally worked it out just before my sister came to the rescue and thus decided not to worry about underline, and now it just came back! The attack of the underline!! Oh, how funny I am!)

Well I'll end this post here and go write another!


Monday, November 22, 2010


Books are a huge part of my life, I don't think I could really write without having read books, they are constantly inspiring me and I always love the feel of sinking into a new story, finding a new author and mostly the feel of being part of a book.
I have lots of books, I love saving up and buying a new one, and the library is fantastic because they constantly have new arrivals and I have found HEAPS of new books and authors that I love through it!
I am currently reading a pre-release copy of Chasing Odysseus by S.D. Gentill, it has an awesome cover, sort of watercolour and very appealing.
I wasn't sure if it would be my type of thing but each chapter draws me in and I am just loving the story, when it comes out next year (Feb I think) I really recommend getting it out and reading it, it might just surprise you!
It's a bit hard to describe but the general outline is it's kind of based off The Odyssey by the mysterious Homer and is about (so far, I'm not all that far into it) some herders who are misjudged after saving the townspeople, they are called traitors and some have faced death.

That's all I'm saying about it, but I really recommend trying it!

And you can get to S.D's website Here to find out more about her and her books

Keep Reading and Writing,

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Some Writerish stuff!

These are my main tips for writing:

*Make sure you have something to write about, make sure you write about something you're really sure of, not just what you kind of think is important to write about.

*Write to make yourself happy.

*Really want to write, don't write because you think you should be writing, if you really want to start writing a story but can't seem to be able to just sit down with a pad of paper and write what ever comes to you! If that doesn't work why don't you try and decide a storyline, work out who the characters will be and then start writing.

*Make sure you believe you can write a great story, if someone tells you that it's stupid to be writing a story don't take any notice of them, always believe in yourself.

If anyone would like to ask something about writing your story, just comment! I'd love to hear any story ideas, it'd make my day!

Keep writing and I hope this has helped you start to write your own story!


Saturday, November 20, 2010

Some really great websites...

These are some really interesting websites, they have author interviews, book extracts and some competitions too!

Between the Lines is connected with Penguin books and is an awesome site!

Inside a Dog   is a really great website, all about books and it has some competitions as well, also is the maker of the Inky awards!

Spine Out  is a new website connected with Goodreading magazine, it had just released it's first issue online, well worth a look at!

If I find any more sites I will post their web addresses up, and if you know of any more, please comment with there web addresses!

Thanks for coming and write away!

Romi. x

Friday, November 19, 2010

Review of Reckless by Cornelia Funke.

Reckless is set in a place known as the Mirror World, it begins with Will Reckless following his older brother and the person he has always looked up to, Jacob, through an old, dusty, mirror in there fathers old study.
There a curse is set in place, a curse that starts turning Will into stone, the worst type of stone...
From  here on Jacob, Fox and Clara, along with multiple other amazing characters are bought into the tale which is weaved beautifully and makes you feel like you are in it, are on a quest to save Will, before it's too late.

I have been a Funke fan for a long time and when I started reading Reckless I was instantly swept away, it is such a magical book and the beginning of chapter illustrations and the chapter names themselves all add to the story!
I just adored this book and I can't wait for the sequel! Hopefully it comes out soon!

More books by Cornelia are:
The Inkworld trilogy.
Dragon Rider.
Igraine the Brave.

Thanks for looking,

Hello! An introduction...

Well Hello!
I'm Romi, I'm a writer, huge reader and the author of this blog!
This blog is going to be a place where I write about my writing, what I'm doing with it, what I'm doing generally, stuff like that!

I'll tell you a bit about myself to start off:
I'm 14, from Tasmania, Australia, adore getting post, love Eco things and Organic products, I don't like being the same as others, I love different kinds of films, music and books... oh and I'm obsessed with Eurovision!
I aslo love animals, they are very amazing animals! And when I'm older I am sure to be getting a Greyhound, I just love them!
I'm a vegetarian and have stopped using Palm products because I want to do my bit to help save forests and animals.
I'm home educated and have never been to school, I just adore home schooling and... well I love it!

Some of my favourite authors are: Michael Morpurgo, Suzanne Lafleur, Lauren Child, Cornelia Funke, Lois Lowrey, Lian Tanner- author of up-coming hit series the Keepers, it's fantastic!

I write fiction and Fantasy children/YA books and have lots of different works in progress, I love sitting down and writing, it's amazing!
Getting published would be a huge, no massive, colossal (I could do this for a while!) thing to me, being able to see my work in print would be AMAZING to me and I love the idea of inspiring someone to become a writer!

Well I'll finish here,
Thanks for coming and I hope you keep on writing, or start writing!