Monday, April 25, 2011

A fantastically artful Q&A with the amazing...WHO???

Kate Knapp, the author of the Twig Seeds series (like the Nest Eggs book I got for my birthday and The It's not always Black and White book, they've got such lovely quotations and artwork in them.....) you can see her website Here.

Here is the Q&A, I hope you enjoy it!

*How did you first start out with your art?
I began drawing and writing when I was quite young then after studying art at school went to the Queensland College of Art and studied Graphic Design. After years of trying lots of different jobs I began to focus on my art. I made decorative papier-mâché articles and painted on anything I could find.  At first I sold my original art at markets then opened a gallery of my own work.  Then as it grew in popularity I began to license my work on to items such as greeting cards and books so it found a larger audience.
*Did you always want to be an artist?
Not really I wanted to be a nurse. But I’m very happy now to be an artist!
*What was your first job?
My first job was working in a juice bar. 
*What are some of your hobbies?
Going to coffee shops, travelling, playing squash. 
*How did you start getting your work published?
I approached a publisher I admired and though was a good fit for my work. It has been and still is a tremendous relationship.
*Where do you get your ideas from?
I get lots of ideas from observing life and the emotions of people and animals. Nature is so beautiful it is great inspiration.
*Do you remember what the very first thing you ever drew was?
I have many of my childhood drawings and one of my first was a girl in a red dress sitting on a hill under a rainbow. I was about 6 when I painted it but it’s quite sweet.
*What is one of your favourite things to draw?
Spotted dogs.
*How do you describe your work?
Whimsical and naïve. 
*Do you have a very arty 'drawing in' room?
It’s a very nurturing room with computers on one side and painting on the other.  I look out into trees and have lots of plants on my windowsill.
*What most recently inspired you?
Today I was in my local coffee shop and the most adorable native marsupial, which I think was a common Planigale, turned up to nibble on a breadcrumb. It was the size of a strawberry and seemed to enjoy an audience. I could have watched it all day!
*What artists/illustrators do you look up do?
I think Mirka Mora is extraordinary.
*In five words, how can you describe the feeling of starting on something new?
Scary, challenge, duty, love and excitement.
*Do you have a favourite quote?
Many but here’s one that’s special …
‘Rivers know this: there is no hurry. We shall get there some day.’
*Do you have a favourite animal or creature?
I love all animals but dogs and birds move me enormously.

Thank you very much Kate! 

Keep being inspired,

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  1. that's a great interview, lovely questions. xxx


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