Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Miles off Course by Sulari Gentill Review...

Title- Miles Off Course. (Rowland Sinclair #3)
Author- Sulari Gentill.
Publish date- February 2012.
Publisher- Pantera Press.


What I thought:
I don't know if there is any other way to put it. I love this book.
I have loved every single word of each book in this series and I feel confident that I am never going to stop loving everything about this series.
Some things I really like and find interesting about the series-

All the characters are a hundren percent loveable. They all have traits that I love and each time I read about them, I feel as if I'm re-meeting a group of old friends... they stay with me when I'm not reading... I think they're super imposed into my mind.

The setting for each book is vastly different, without leaving one to feel stranded. We've been in the city, on the sea, and now, in Miles off Course, in the outback! And in the next book we're going to Europe! It's like you're travelling, without having to have a passport!
This, the Rowland Sinclair series, is undoubtably one of my favourite series of all time.

The intricate storyline effortlessly weaving lies, treachery, attempted kidnappings, and missing men, is a masterpiece.
I think Miles off Course will have made Rowland in particular grow in a way that he mightn't have yet... but to say anything more on that subject is impossible! But I am really very eager to see how he grows from it and how it affects the storyline for book 4.

Overall... it is another "WOW!" book by Sulari Gentill. Will Goodreads let me give a book twelve stars....?

Thank you to Pantera Press for this review copy!

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  1. WOW for this WOW review! LOL I wish that Goodreads had an above 5 rating too because then I'd be able to show my epic love for those epic books :') I can't believe I've never heard of this book before when you love it this much! It's awesome how all the characters are lovable and how the next one's set in Europe.

    Awesome review, Romi! <3


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