Wednesday, July 25, 2012

A Hero for WondLa by Tony DiTerlizzi review...

Title- A Hero for WondLa.
Author- Tony DiTerlizzi.
Publish date- July 2012.
Publisher- Simon and Schuster.
RRP: $26.99 AUS.

*May contain spoilers for those who have not read A Search for WondLa.*


What I thought:
It feels like such a long time since I read The Search for WondLa- I knew virtually nothing about it when I got it, and I loved it dearly. It popped up in a few of my earliest posts and I hold it as one of my most highly recommended books... it has everything- adventure, amazing characters, original and captivating storyline... and beautiful illustrations. So I have been dearly eager to get my hands on a copy of A Hero for WondLa, and I was lucky enough to be able to get sent one!

A Hero for WondLa is part two of Eva Nine's journey- it is suitable for any age and I find it wholly captivating- I didn't like Eva so much, in the first part of the book... maybe in the first third, because she changed herself to fit in quite a bit and I didn't like the way she did it, but for the other two thirds I loved her... she really is a remarkable character and even with her changes I once more grew very fond of her.

One thing in particular that I loved about A Hero was that it started immediately after The Search finished, which doesn't happen very often. You could virtually close one book and open the next, which I really liked.

I found it really interesting reading about some of the things Eva went through within herself, in particular- she faced quite a few miniature journeys, to find herself and accept being different, which I thought was excellent- she started off, in book 1, as being quite a childish character, but she grew a lot in the first book... again, she was still a child, only turning thirteen in this book, yet by the end of A Hero she, I feel, has really gone through changes that let her accept herself... she grows immensely and I really am keen to see what happens in book three.

As with all the books I have read by Tony DiTerlizzi (I was a Spiderwick girl, but I also read a few of his picture books) the illustrations were incredible. They set the scene, they show things that I wouldn't have been able to imagine without them, and they add so much to the story... each and every one is like a story in itself.

This would be a four point five book for me, and I can't wait for book three!

Thank you to Simon and Schuster for this review copy!

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Insurgent by Veronica Roth review...

Title- Insurgent. (Divergent #2)
Author- Veronica Roth.
Publish date- May 2012.
Publisher- Harper Collins.

*May contain spoilers for those who have not read Divergent.*

What I thought:
I was lucky. I only read Divergent this year, so I didn't have the massive wait that some people did, which was a relief, because of how much Divergent wowed me and how cliffhangery the ending was. Yet the wait did come and feel it I did, so when I started to see the buzz of reviewers reviewing away, I started to feel very excited. When my copy arrived I was in the middle of another book and almost paused half-way through it, but decided to hang on a few days more. And then I started.
Immediately I was swept into the story- the very first words captivated me and held me, unwilling to let me go. And so it was for the entire book- I couldn't look away, I couldn't not keep reading. Yet that's not to say I enjoyed it all- about fifty pages through Tris almost did something that I was shocked by... she didn't, but the fact that she almost went too far made me sad. Because if she had done it, she would have regretted it, the way she did it, and I regretted her even considering it.

I really enjoyed Insurgent, but I didn't like it nearly as much as Divergent- I think with everything Insurgent had to live up to for me personally it was made incredibly hard to be as good as Divergent... a lot of the choices Tris made, throughout the story, were hard to see the meaning behind; I understood and connected to her character really well in the first book, but she was a lot harder to relate to in this, and I felt she risked so much that she held close to her far too often.

The relationship between Tris and Tobias wasn't nearly as favourable for me, in this book- they argue a lot and tend to be quite prickily, all the while the tension, the wanting between the two is growing... they risk a lot and I was kept on my toes, hoping they wouldn't fall out, because I love them both so much.

The last 150 pages were tense for me- I only ever (ocassionally) look at the endings of books that I don't like, if I thought it was an interesting premise but I didn't like it, I never do for books that I'm reading and enjoying ect. but with Insurgent I really, really wanted to know how things panned out, and I think it would have made it a much more enjoyable experiance for me, because I got quite anxious about how everything was going to work out, and I was really afraid that I wasn't going to like it and that I was going to be disappointed.
I wasn't. I wasn't disappointed in the ending at all, though parts of the book... parts did disappoint me- I would be lying to say that I loved it entirely... it had it's faults, and it's faults weren't few for me. Yet I love it... the scenes that really touched me didn't make up for those that didn't satify me, but they did make me glad that I had been drawn into this world of Veronica Roth's making.

Three stars.

Thank you to Harper Collins for this review copy!

Monday, July 16, 2012

Florentine and Pig have a very Lovely Picnic review...

Title- Floretine and Pig have a very lovely Picnic.
Author- Eve Katzler.
Publish date- July 2012.
Publisher- Bloomsbury.


What I thought:
Florentine and Pig is a very sweet picture book- the pictures aren't quite like anything I've ever seen and the storyline is very sweet.
Florentine and Pig have a sweet, well tempered relationship- I have seen quite a lot of the childrens shows that are currently on telivision, and the arguing and bickering is becoming quite sickening, so I think it's lovely to have a book where there isn't any fighting and the manners are top notch- there needs to be more of this sort of book!
It is an easy to follow story that is captivating, and with the delicious sounding recipes at the back it will make for an excellent adition to any growing book collection.

Thank you to Bloomsbury for this review copy!

Friday, July 6, 2012

Trying War by S.D. Gentill review...

Title- Trying War. (Book #2 in the Hero trilogy)
Author- S.D. Gentill.
Publish date- March 2012.
Publisher- Pantera Press.

*Review may contain spoilers for those who have not read Chasing Odysseus.)


What I thought:
When I read Chasing Odysseus back in November 2010 I adored it- it was unlike anything I had ever read before and the story stayed with me long after I finished it; I have been eagerly awaiting Trying War- after the cliff hanger that ended Chasing Odysseus- but I was just a little nervous, going back into the world that I hadn't visited in over a year, I wondered if I would slip back into the world of The Hero Trilogy as easily as I did with book 1, re-acquainting myself with the characters and following their perilous journey. It took me one page to realise that I shouldn't have even considered that it would be harder- I was sucked in before I knew it and avidly following the trail of the three brothers as they themselves followed the trail of their kidnapped sister. Trying War is, by now unsurprisingly, another excellent book from Sulari Gentill.

The Characters-
are all just as thrilling to read about as they were in Chasing Odysseus... I could never pick a favourite because they are all completely different and I love them all, but I will never stop loving how Machaon, Lycon and Cadmus all love Hero so dearly, despite all her rituals and prayers to the Gods!

The Storyline-
was just as maravllous and captivating as that of book one- there was even more danger and adventure... and a touch of beautifully written romance. It was never slow going, but not too fast.

What can I say? It is another beautiful creation from the epic mind of Sulari Gentill. Now I just have to wait for more.

Thank you to Pantera Press for this review copy!

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Little Lord Launtleroy by Frances Hodgson Burnett review...

Thank you to my mother for buying me this awesome book! It was brilliant!

What I thought:
Little Lord Fauntleroy was quite remarkable- I didn't know much at all about it and wondered where the big lead up in the story was heading, but I throughly enjoyed reading it!
Cedric and his mother were equally brilliant characters and I loved being friends with them and living in their world for the two days it took me to read, all the characters were one of a kind and wholly unique and un-removable from the story.
The only problem was that I may've rushed it a little because of a slightly stacking up reading pile, so I can't wait to go again into the world of Little Lord Fauntleroy!

(I wrote this months ago!)