Friday, January 25, 2013

About the blog- changes.

*This is not a review. Unless it's a review of a review, in which case MIND BLOWN.*

I've been thinking lately about what I hope to achieve from my blog, what I want to change about it, general matinence and improvements. Some of the things I want to work on/do more of/change/just point out are-

  • Do more personal reviews.

I get a lot of books from the library, and even buy myself a lot of books, and I don't like that I don't review some of the ones that I really love. I sometimes feel like I get weighed down with reviewing review books, so I don't review other books that I love. This is going to change.

  • Comment more.

I think we all know what it's like to get one of those comments- all comments, unless they're creepy spam, are fantastic, but some of my favourites are ones where you can tell the person has really connected with the content, and I want to do that for others. I don't comment enough, and I want to keep the love I feel for the fantastic bloggers out there coming!

  • Host more giveaways.

I love hosting giveaways, other than the time I had to re-draw one about 7 times because it was on a giveaway hop and NO ONE HAD READ THE RULES, APPARENTLY. That wasn't a fun giveaway. But I love getting people to do things they otherwise mightn't have, and all as a way to enter a competition. It's like giving them double happiness, and I get happiness out of it, too.

  • Work on a rating system.
I saw a fantastic system on Paper Riot, that was inspired by another blog and I think this kind of thing is the system for me. Numbers don't work and I briefly tried my own thing, but nothing has ever stuck. I went for ages without a rating system, but reviews have felt unfinished. This I'm thinking is going to work.

  • And finally- do more personal posts.

I did a guest post last year and had an absolutely incredible time writing that post, and I am still so proud of it, even though I didn't think it made much sense. I want to do more of that over here, try to connect with my readers in a more personal way than reviews.

So, a number by number goal list-
20 Personal Reviews.
Twelve giveaways.
Leave more nice comments. (No number)
Try out the new rating system. Properly.
20 Personal Posts.

Well, I'm going to bookmark this post and look at it January 2014 (2014!) and see if I have made these improvements. It's going to be interesting.


  1. I need to work on my rating systems too! I'm not quite happy with it. I hope you accomplish your goals. <3

    1. Thank you, Elena! Kermit is already telling me that it's going to be a good year, though maybe I shouldn't trust him. That gif looks more and more like I shouldn't trust him.

  2. You have some great goals there and I hope you can achieve them all! I always like to read reviews with gifs (if they make sense)


    1. Thank you- I'm really enjoying reviewing more, with a new rating system that I think works and thinking of gifs that might work, though I do agree it's best if they make some sense!


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