Friday, January 4, 2013

Life in Outer Space by Melissa Keil.

Title- Life in Outer Space.
Author- Melissa Keil.
Publish date- February 2013.
Publisher- Hardie Grant Egmont- The Ampersand Project.



What I thought:
I'm not sure what I expected when I came into this book- I try to go into things expectationless, that's a big goal for me, but it doesn't often happen- I'd had a rough two months (I am excused one as it was NaNo) with reading and had been daying AGES to finish single books. (I mean, Reached by Ally Condie took me 3 weeks!)
I am starting to think that I have a yearly thing where I have a few really slow weeks/months with reading- it happened last year and it's happened this year, so it's what I'll go for for now- last year the book to save me was Kidnapped by Robert Louis Stevenson and this year... This year it was Life in Outer Space by Melissa Keil.

I can feel myself about to write a lot of "seriouslys" and "MIND BLOWNS", so I'm going to try and, no doubt fruitlessly, control my emotions as I write a hopefully vagualy coherent review.

I felt many times over while reading that the synopsis for the book didn't properly represent the book, I felt like it was a total misrepresentation and so I wrote a different one (up top) which I think tells it more like it is.

I really love a book where the characters, especially the main, have hobbies- it makes it feel like they haven't just been created for the time they are main stage (or in other words, while their story lasts) and this is one of the most extrodinary examples of that- so many of the characters had such detailed and important past times, and though I can't immediately relate to any of them, I adored reaidng of them and will during every re-read. So I'm not a horror fan like Sam- I am a period drama fan. He writes scripts (words) and I write stories (words). We are soul children.
(Also Mike- I really liked his character and the way things around/with him played out- overall for the characters progression I was really pleased)

I love the cover for this novel- the copy I received was an ARC so it's a black and white cover, and at first I was a little disappointed because I love the bright cover so much, but as I continued to make my way through the novel I ended up liking this dark cover so much more than the one that will be in stores- it's beautiful and leaves to much up to the imagination and just looks like it's somewhere in space. The cover, either way, it awesome. It is a cover that is awesome in any colour scheme.

I love the way each chapter is titled with refrences- it bought a certain something to the book that I loved.

So much love- but is there any hate? 
Not as such- there are a few lilttle things that I didn't like about the book, like the ocassional ridiculousness of Sam (which was amusing and at times trying, but understandable) and the cliches that were dotted about the place, but this is a book I am standing by, and ain't no one gonna take me down.

If, in each country, there is a novelist that it the equivalent of John Green, I am thinking that Melissa Keil might be the Australian one, in some way or another. I'm not swearing to anything until I've read another of her novels, but it's looking likely.


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