Monday, July 15, 2013

Books for when you're... (9)

Each fortnight I will showcase 1-2 books that I think would be fantastic reading if you're going through a  certian emotion/stage in your life.

Books for when you feel like a little clothing inspiration.
There are so few books, I have found, that really give detail on the characters clothing- a standout title that I haven't chosen here is The Hunger Games, but it's not usually described in the most positive of senses because of the Capitol-ness of it- and I love really being able to see what the people I read about are wearing, so here are three of my favourites, detail wise.

The Little Prince by Antoine De Saint-Exupery.

Why I chose this book:
The little prince is both described and pictured (alright, the descriptions aren't all that amazing, but the pictures cancel it out) and I get a strong feeling that Howl from his Moving Castle would wear the same clothes as the prince. Inspiration wise this one is excellent.

Unspoken by Sarah Rees Brennan.

Why I chose this book:
Well you know there's this character and her name is, ah, Kami.
How many times has Kami been in this feature, in a row, now? Oh well, she'll no doubt appear later, too, because she's just THAT fantastic. The detail of both Kami's outfits and her friends is really vivid (Alexandra did this awesome post about them) and I really connect with Kami's style in particular. She is probably my fashion icon.
No, she is definitely my fashion icon.
I seem to recall literal kitten heels- literal kitten heels, I am coming for you.

Life in Outer Space by Melissa Keil.

Why I chose this book:
Camila has a very vivid style and I love how it's represented on the cover. She is awesome in that she doesn't care what anyone else thinks of the things she wears- as long as she's comfortable and happy, wearing something she really likes, well then nothing else matters. She wears seventies dresses, old band t-shirts, cowboy books and is generally very well described.

Stay tuned for some more bookish suggestions for the good times, and the bad.
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  1. I haven't paid attention to the fashion sense of characters in books! You just always bring up topics that i don't pay attention to a lot and make me pay attention to them a lot. XD

    I have a feeling I need to read Unspoken because you are spotlighting it so much. XD Oh and The Little Prince, of course. :D

    1. That made me laugh, Delaney! I notice fashion a little, but in Unspoken it's such a, I guess, big part of who Kami is and she wears such descriptive and wonderful clothes that you just notice and swoon.

      Definitely! I hope to see it added to your TBR ASAP, because it it absolutely incredible. Mysterious and fun!

    2. I'm going to Barnes and Noble and using a 15% off coupon (which isn't much but still) to get The Little Prince on either tomorrow or Saturday.

    3. That is SO GREAT! I want to know immediately what you think. Okay? Okay.

  2. Unspoken is a book a lot of people liked. I should read that soon.. and the Little Prince is amazing. Such a good book, more people should read it.

    Angela's Anxious Life

    1. Yes, it seems to be. I was surprised, really surprised actually, by how much I liked it- the characters, Kami particularly, were so vivid and interesting, and I just really connected. It's a very unique read!

  3. I agree with Angie ^ everyone seems to love Unspoken! For some reason, clothing in books always goes right over my head, it's something I never focus on unless it's really weird. Fun post!

    Alise @ Readers In Wonderland

    1. I guess that's both a good and a bad sign- it's always good to have both kinds of reviews, and often when I see only good ones and go into a book being super excited it doesn't match my hopes, but Unspoken soared above them!
      I guess I don't think I really take much notice of it, either, but when I think of books I realise that I, apparently, really do!
      Thanks, Alise!


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