Monday, November 25, 2013

Beauty Queens by Libba Bray.

Title- Beauty Queens (audio)
Author- Libba Bray
Publish date- 2011
Publisher- Scholastic.


What I thought:
I tried to read Beauty Queens about eight months before deciding to just go audio, and I definitely didn't find an appeal in it at that time. After reading some reviews, however, it came back to mind, and when I saw tha my library had a copy on audio I went for it.

The story seemed ridiculous- beauty queens from around America stranded on a desert island, one with a plane table stuck into her head- it got more ridiculous as it went along, as well as hilarious and completely ludicrous. And I loved it.
The characters are diverse and virtually all of them took my preconceived notions and shoved them out to sea, telling their own stories in a way that was unexpected and moving.

The reasons for their entering the Miss Teen Dream pagent in the first place are explored, as are their history and how the pressure (from family, society, themselves) changed these growing women. They become more than just beauty queens, and I formed attachments to these characters, none of whom are perfect (by their standards, which are the only ones that matter) but the point is that they try, and they fight, and they become... they become so very human.

Whislt Adine felt, at least in the beginning, like the protagonist, I liked Petra and Mary-Lou more than her, and was surprised (again, be cone preconceived notion) by my love for Tiara; the diversity was huge and there was no lack of tense moments, of painful discoveries and tragedy, but it was often de-tense-itised by ads from "The Corperation!" which were terrible and hilarious and fairly believable.

Rating: Big Explosion MIND BLOWN.
Like pirates, surprises, advertisements, disaster-stories, teen dreams, reality television, pagents, explorations of sexuality, open discussions about sec, inequality, periods, expectations and surviving in a jungle? Well, you'll love this- or like it. Or maybe you will find you don't, even if you love all those things. I'd recommend it with a hearty pie and jammie-dodger, but it's up to you.


  1. Based on the premise alone, I probably wouldn't be drawn to this. But it's Libba Bray, and I have really enjoyed her books in the past. Plus the reviews for this have been mostly encouraging. I'll need to get my hands on a copy! I'm glad you had fun with this, Romi. :)

    1. I highly recommend audio, if you're not 100% sure, because you can liften to it whilst doing something else until you either A. get so drawn into it that you're doing nothing else but listening to the story, or B. decide you don't totally like it and stop. Hope you enjoy, either way!

  2. I'm glad you liked this book! It seems like a really fun and out there book. I picked up a copy from my library because it was only a couple of cents so maybe I'll read it one day. :)

    1. I hope you do, Elena! I'd enjoy to hear your thoughts on it.

  3. I've heard a lot of people say good things about this book, especially that it's quite funny, and I like that one of them's got a tray table in her head.

    1. Oh Lauren, how did I expect you to say anything other than that? And you know, the tray table stays in for a good long while, too. *Nods*


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