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Fearsome Dreamer by Laure Eve...

Title- Fearsome Dreamer.
Author- Laure Eve.
Publish date- August 2010.
Publisher- Hot Key Books.
RRP: $16.95 (AUD)

Review time...

(A brief) synopsis:
A world where you log on and come to life. A world where you live amd experience life by seeing it. Both in the same land, both with darkness and light, and both holding people who may just have the power to change both worlds.

Image Credit: Hot Key Books.
Thank you to Hot Key Books for this review copy!

What I thought:
I heard about Fearsome Dreamer sometime mid-last year, and it sounded peculiar and magical and very thought-provoking, but looking back I think of it as one of those books you want to read quite a lot yet never quite manahe to. I'm a little surprised it ended up not being so!

My reading experience, for all that mystic promise and drawn out anticipation, was a little uncomfortable- often times the book didn't sit right with me, and it was actually a lot older YA than I expected, with subtle and unexpected sexual themes dotted throughout.

It took me some time to settle into the direction the plot was heading, and with a 1-2 year time jump in the later half of the first third I had trouble figuring out the ages of White and Rue, our two MC's. And interestingly, though a little unsatisfying, main characters they were, too: both were distinct and very much their own person, and I do like the fact they were so clearly distinguished, but there weren't any factors with either that held me fast, anything I could connect with or, in this case, grow to love. Both were faulted and Rue I found a bit irritating, rushing into things and working so hard, it seemed, to make an impact, and while White was interesting, he didn't seem to get explored, not past a level. (Also, for the first few chapters I had trouble following the narration, since it split between three people in very different places.)

My favourite parts were the world, built so believably it felt read and while I didn't picture Life as easily as Angle Tar, both posed the interesting debate (with myself and characters alike) of where would you rather be. A world where you worked to survice, lived on the land and experienced a rural kind of life, though a life where you worked, or a world where you logged on and could go anywhere, be anyone, without leaving your home. I found the characters debates on this interesting, especially as they differed from mine most of the time.
The other thing I loved was the cover, which I have coveted for months and find to be just as beautiful in person (though quite how it relates to the book I'm still trying to figure out).

Rating: Hmmm...
With an intriguing world and a new favourite cover, slightly detachd characters and a troublingly irksome romance, I'm mixed on this. But, after a few days of thought, I've realised I liked it more than I thought, and I hope to read the sequel soon.


  1. Lol, did you know the flag she's wearing is from Yugoslavia?! I didn't until I looked it up ;)

    Frabjous review, Romi :D

    1. How did you learn this?!?! I tried looking it up after and couldn't find out what flag it was. It's pretty interesting, learning the relevance/possible relevance it holds to the story. I'm very intrigued now. xx

    2. Oh, because, y'know, I'm amazing. ;) *examines fingernail* Nah, I just looked up, "what flag has blue, white and red in that order" and wallah! Pictures of Yugoslavian flags came up :)

      Happy googling!! ;D

    3. Oh Ella, I didn't even THINK of doing that. Amazing you are.

  2. This one is new to me but the cover is eye-catching and your review has me curious on what I would think about it. Definitely sounds original, even if some parts were a little frustrating. I prefer strong, easy to relate to characters but maybe I'll be okay with the ones in this book.

    1. Isn't it such an interesting cover? I'm really glad that it's one I've felt the same about since I first saw it. I think it's really great!

      I think you might just enjoy this, Alise! I'd definitely recommend trying it, at the very least!

  3. I like it when books kind of change your mind they grow on you. x) I sometimes look at my bookshelf and realise I actually DO love a lot of the books I just gave a 3 or whatnot. x) Anyway! This does sound interesting, not sure if it's exactly my thing though. The romance is a bit of a worry.

    1. It's interesting that, isn't it? Though not always the most wonderful, if you end up really disliking something afterwards when you'd enjoyed it fairly well all through. It's nice when it works out like this, though, and overall pretty interesting!
      The romance, while a strong focus with both characters for a couple of chapters, it's not really "big" as such... which makes lots of sense. *nods*

  4. That cover!! I love it too :) And yeah, I also remember hearing about this one a while ago and thinking it sounded super interesting. I'm always keen on well developed, unique world building so I'm in just for that even if some other elements were found lacking!

    1. It's great, isn't it? I don't like the second quite so much, but they're both really striking and eye catching! This just... it's beautiful. I hope you'll let me know what you think, if you plan on reading it sometime! I'd really like to know your thoughts! x


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