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The Girl Who Fell Beneath Fairyland and Led the Revels There by Catherynne M. Valente...

Title- The Girl Who Fell Beneath Fairyland and Led the Revels There
Author- Catherynne M. Valente.
Publish date- 2012.
Publisher- Much in Little.

Review time...

(A Brief) Synopsis:
In Which We Return To Fairyland.

What I thought:
In what I have decided will henceforth be a tradition, instead of reviewing the Fairyland books/balls of wordy gloriousness in my usual manner, I list things in an even-odd way, starting with an odd number of things I didn't like so much.

When I wasn't actively reading, I wasn't getting as much out of the story ad I knew it offered. I was busy for the first four or so days of reading, so I got through around 50 pages here and there, and for these books that just doesn't work. You have to give yourself a straight hour and dive in.

An Even number of things I did like:

Visiting September, my good friend, again and finding her just as wonderful, yet with new ways of thinking and a brand new heard, as I found her in the first book.

There is no lack of wonderful characters to pick you up and carry you to Fairyland, where they'll dance beside you and tell you incredible stories of times long since past and lives long since gone. There is an array of the truly, delightfully magic in the characters in this series, and it's quite unlike anything I've ever known.

The chapter openings and illustrations are odd and peculiar and absolutely marvellous, because they make you wonder and try to figure things out, and it's all very exciting.

I am having a reading experience unlike any I've ever had with these books- my heart is pulled into the words and when I am done I feel like I could do any number of things, and I feel enlivened. It's a beautiful, wonderful, life-reconfiguring sort of thing.


  1. I haven't read the first book, but this series sounds really interesting! I love fairy tale retellings, so I need to check this one out! I'm glad you enjoyed this one, it sounds like an amazing read!

    1. It is just incredible, one of the best I've ever read and instantly I knew it was an all time favourite series, the moment I started listening to the audio of the first book. It was just so strongly that kind of an instant favourite. I definitely recommend you try it!

  2. Heh, oh I like this review format! Now this is a series that I STILL need to get around to even though from the moment I saw it, I just KNEW that it would be the story for me. I'll have to keep in mind to give the story some time to develop to get into it. #8 <-- sounds fantastic!!

    1. Oh, thank you Aylee! That's really nice of you, and I'm glad you liked it.

      I hope you read it really soon, because it's worth all the time you put into it and really, I think Catherynne M. Valente is actually magical.

  3. I have been wanting to read this book series for a long time now! I didn't know there were illustrations either so I really want to read it.

    1. They're pretty fantastic illustrations, too- at the beginning of each chapter, not throughout the book, sadly, but still magnificent. I hope you read it really soon, Angela! I think you may just fall in love with this amazing series. x

  4. Sometimes we need books with fantastic illustrations! It adds something more to our reading experience. I'm glad that you liked this book overall, and had more positive things to say about it :)

    ~ Sporadic Reads

    1. Absolutely! I always want that in books, because you kind of grow up with it, or at least I did, really strongly. Picture books, learning to read books, MG books... then YA it just drops off and I miss it quite a lot. At times terribly. Pictures add a sense of mystery and mysticality and wonder, and I love that. xx


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