Monday, February 9, 2015

A return.


I am back from my travels (or not) and have waded through about 700 emails already. My mind feels a little bit numb from that, but I am still back!
Many exciting things happened whilst I was away, including my new fringe (well that happened 3 days before I went but lets just go with it), a trip to the hospital and rutches for 5 days (wasn't that fun? No. No it was not. Still, I can walk again, mostly...), the editing of 1.5 novels, the reading of many, many books, and another intently exciting thing that I can't reveal quite yet. I also found out a month too late that I missed the opportunity of seeing Neil Gaiman whilst he was in Tasmania for a reading of The Sleeper and the Spindle, which just happens to be one of my favourite books, so that is quite upsetting. I don't think forgiving myself for that will come too easily.

I'm so excited to update all the books I read on Goodreads, start posting reviews, see what you have been posting and head into the next stages of book editing, wherein I transfer all my edits onto the computer and start working towards agency-ish things. This is daunting yet thrilling.

There are exciting things to come this year, for sure. I think that's true for all of of. Now, prepare for many, many posts throughout February, recapping all the books I reviewed whilst offline.



  1. Romi!! Hiiii, we missed you! Sorry to hear about the trip to the hospital and missing Neil Gaiman :( I hope you had a relaxing break overall though!!

    1. Hey Aylee! So excited to see such niceness pouring in from all you lovley lovely people. You are so nice!!

      It was really good, other than those two sorrows- thank you! Can't wait to see what You've been up to! xx

  2. Yay Romi you're back! Some interesting things have happened to you - sorry to hear about the hospital trip and missing Neil Gaiman! I hope he'll come back for another visit sometime soon - it's so wonderful to see him in person, and I hope the hospital trip wasn't too painful. :(

    I'm very eager to see what books you've been reading, so looking forward to your posts!

    1. Charlene! YAY! I'm hoping he'll come again next year. Hoping and hoping! I was so annoyed to find out two weeks later that I hadn't heard of it, especially as I could definitely have gone if I'd known. Frustrating, but oh well.

      Thank you! It wasn't fun, and I'm still recovering, but fun things happened to take my mind off it. Can't wait to share that, and of course the books I've been reading!I counted and it was close on 36 or something like that, which is massive for me. xx

  3. Replies
    1. Lydia! Hi! I'm back, I'm back! It's rather exciting, actually. xx

  4. Woo, you're back! :)

    Crutches for 5 days D: What happened?!
    Aww, and missing Neil Gaiman? That's disappointing!

    1. YAY! HI NARA!

      I was swimming and banged my foot into something... a fallen tree log, I think, and sliced it open about an inch and a half. It happened on the 21st or something and is still not healed, so I'm not particularly pleased with that (also have a low tolerance for blood, so funtimes!), but something rather exciting happened the week AFTER, which I will be discussing here soon. I AM SO EXCITED TO SHARE.

  5. ROMMMMMMIIIIIIIIII!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YAAAY YOU'RE BACK!!! *throws confetti and ice cream* I left a massive comment here the other day, but Blogger must have munched it up!

    I HAVE MISSED YOU SO MUCH GIRLIE! I'm so glad to have my Romi back! The blogosphere has been very quiet and a bit boring without your presence! <33

    I WANNA SEE YOUR FRINGE. :)))))))) AND YOUR POOR LEG!!! :(((((( Hope you're not in to much pain! :(

    You didn't miss to much drama while you were away, I think. Cait moved from Notebook Sisters to Papaer Fury which was BRILLIANT, but that all I can think of.

    It's so nice to have you back, Romi!! I've really missed you! xx

    1. Woo-hoo! Hello Ella! I've missed you too, and you're wonderful posts! Have been having plenty of fun catching up, though, I assure you!

      Well you may see my fringe one day, but I can tell you outright you do not want to see my foot, and would not have wanted to see it at any stage. It got pretty gross for a while, but I'm almost healed up now, so that is good!

      Look forward to talking more soon, Ella! xxx

  6. I am a little behind on visiting blogs... so I wanted to say I am so happy to see you back. Man you were gone too long!

    1. Aww, thank you Angela! You'll make me go all sappy with such a nice comment!

      It's actually something I plan on continuing, as much as possible (work, writing and study might make it more difficult in the future) for a long time- I really, really love my time offline and am SO productive, both in those two months and when I come back. It's really a nice thing for me, so I'm very happy! Though I did really miss things going on over here, in blogland. xx


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