Sunday, August 9, 2015

Ava's Demon by MIchelle Czajkowski...

Title- Ava's Demon.
Author- Michelle Czajkowski.
Publish date- 2012.
Publisher- You can read it online here!

Review time...

(A Brief) Synopsis:
The story of a girl, and gradually a bunch of other people, who have mysterious creatures living within- or alongside- them that only they can see.

What I thought:
Ava's Demon is my first experience with a web comic and it is setting a very, very high standard for the future.
It starts with Ava, a girl on a planet for youths with problems. She is depressed and something inside of her continues to send her close to the edge, a hateful, spiteful voice that wishes the world were rid of her and continuously tries to bring that to an end.
And when she is in an accident and dies, it is revealed she has a demon inside of her, an actual voice of a creature who hates her for her weakness, for her human limitations. And they make a pact, which saves Ava's life.

It's a pretty dark comic, in theme and occasionally language, but it's just fantastic and the chatacters, for there are a handful who have been thrown together and all have their own iddues, are all diverse, not all good or nice or reliable. I grew to like Maggie, despite how selfish and occasionally evil her actions have been, and I just love Ava. She becomes incredibly fierce after making the pact and becoming immortal, her character development profound and delightful.

The world is a whole lot of planets, so I guess sci-fi, and not only is it interesting with it's ruling power dynamic, but it is so, so beautiful. The art fights with the storyline for my attention. It's beyond stunning, a lot of the time, in colour and detail and the elements of wonderment. Many a time have I coveted a page and wished it to be a print.

This comic is still in progress.
Rating: Big explosion MIND BLOWN.
It's incredible. I am in love with my computer, if only for this.


  1. How interesting- I don't think I've come across a review of a web comic before! I don't really read comics, but this sounds so interesting. I'm glad it was an idea well executed for you!

    1. Oh, really? How splendid! I hope you enjoyed this, then, Charlene, and, well... I'd definitely recommend it, if you were interested in checking this one out. xx

  2. Well, this is different. I don't think I've ever tried a web series before...this sure has some interesting plot elements.

    1. It is so intriguing and well done, Joy, so I'm definitely on the recommending it side of things. It's beautiful, too. The art is just... divine. xx

  3. Ava's Demon is just stunning. I definitely don't follow enough web comics but this one really sticks out in my memory.

    1. Yay! I love it, too, and I'm actually reading it as it's still being created, which is exciting. Although I want it all now, at the same time. I don't really know about any others... I should look into it, for sure.

  4. I have never read a web comic before. In fact, I never read anything online (except a tiny number of yaoi manga) because it just feels weird to stare at my screen, and it also hurts my eye (boo).

    This sounds so awesome, though! I've never heard of anything like it, and I must say that if I am ever in the mood for reading a web comic, I'll likely look this one up. I love the sound of the premise, and if the art is beautiful, then I am more than okay with that :D

    Also: diverse characters? YES, PLEASE.

    1. Oh yeah, reading online makes my head ache and I often end up feeling sick if I spend a day on the computer for whatever reason. Breaks are important! But also, reading internet text is just not great for my head. Definitely boo.

      I hope you will give it a go sometime, Chiara. I'm pretty certain you'd grovel at it's gorgeousness. It is stunning. Easy.
      You know, I don't know if any of them are sexually diverse... diverse in culture, belief, character history and the choices they make, but romance is very low key. At the moment. Sadly, in a way, because it could be so amazing. Hopefully the characers will continue with their diverseness in gender identity and sexuality, too. xx


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