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Scarlet by Marissa Meyer.

Publish date- 2013.
Publisher- Macmillan Audio.

Review time...

(A Brief) Synopsis:
The second installment in the Lunar Chronicles takes on the story of Little Red Riding Hood. You meet Scarlet, fiercely protective and determined, and Wolf, a street fighter with a dark past. *ghosts murmur mysteriously*

What I thought:
Scarlet marks another successful step in my journey to listening to all of the Lunar Chronicles books on audio- but by successful... it certainly was not the story I had expected. I did enjoy it a bit more than Cinder overall, particularly the ending which was verging on truly great in it’s intensity and all of it, really, but I faced a range of issues in Scarlet and most of them revolved around the title character.

Scarlet was... annoying. I love the way she is completely willing to risk herself to get her grandmother back, because that’s how much she loves her, but she was so frustrating at times and reversely awesome at times. She stands for herself. She won’t be used or let down by the people around her. She’ll fight.
But she is way(yyyyy) too trusting of Wolf, and I really, really did not like him. The predictability overall in Scarlet was less, but it was obvious to me Wolf was a dangerous one, and yet even when she knew she just kept on giving him chances. She put herself at risk because she trusted him, after knowing (*spoiler* and being grievously betrayed by) him for a week.
When I felt the oncoming tide of remorse I stood firmly against it. I’m not as unforgiving as Scarlet, no way.

I did start to like Cinder more here, and the other new addition: Thorn! Kai, in his few moments, is still thick headed (the fact no one guesses the truth gets to me) and frustrating, although perhaps my sympathies are more with him here.

All in all it was an exciting story, but for the first 75-80% a rather disengaging, disappointing one. And I mean, come on- Wolf’s eyes can’t be that great.

Rating: Not Hmm all the way, no, but for a lot of the time.
Things are progressing (I mean, I started liking Cinder!), but Wolf and Scarlet weren't characters I liked a lot and overall the story just isn't something I'm all the invested in, in this segment. I liked it a lot more towards the end, but it took about 80% of the book to get to that stage and that's a long time to wait.


  1. I so agree with your review - I thought Scarlet fell for Wolf way too fast, with too many suspicious things about him. LOL @ Wolf's eyes! I think Cinder was definitely better than this one. I wonder though that if in the future I reread this series from beginning to end, if I will have more of an appreciation for this one when I know where it was all heading. But thankfully the series does seem to get better!

    1. There were so many reasons for her to just not go near him, and yet she... fell for him? It felt really, really weird! I couldn't really deal with that. Haha! His eyes! They were suhc a focus for her. No eyes, surely, can be that magnificent.
      I adored Cress, but still don't appreciate Cinder and Scarlet for what they lead to- I just remember what annoyed me and what annoyed me a little less! xx

  2. Oh boo. I love Wolf. I'm sorry you didn't enjoy his character all that much. I do hope you'll enjoy Cress' story. :)

    1. Haha, well, I anticipated that. Wolf's a favourite, I know! But he just... did nothing but annoy me. I loved Cress (he still annoyed me)- so great! xx

  3. Oh man, a shame Scarlet wasn't your favourite but I'm glad you still enjoyed the new character additions! This one was actually my least favourite because of the multiple povs but I still loved it :)

    1. Yes, at least I got more of a glimpse at Cress and Thorn was fairly awesome. The two main protagonists weren't so great for me, but overall it was certainly more enjoyable than Cinder. The multiple POVs aren't such an issue with me listening to it on audio- I can imagine reading them, though, it would get fairly tricky. Cress would be intense, for sure! xx

  4. Awh, no! I liked SCARLET way more than I liked CINDER, because I fell heartily in love with Wolf, haha XD I do agree that his and Scarlet's relationship moved pretty darn quickly, but in times of great love, I can ignore that to suit myself.

    I did love the addition of Thorne, and I am super excited to read CRESS, because apparently his role is a lot bigger in that novel, so yay!

    Kai is super stupid, if you ask me. And I'm not even entirely sure he deserves Cinder? His decisions and complete blindness so some things make me wary.

    Lovely review <3

    Also, I just tagged you for the 777 Challenge over on my writer blog! :D

    1. I knew you loved him, Chiara! I thought you would be railing at me (in the friendliest of all caps, of course) for disliking him with such intent! I guess we all have books that we love enough, for one reason or another, that we end up forgiving for some of their faults. It happens!

      Thorn is awesome-pants. He's one of the main characters in Cress (my favourite book thus far, and I mean that in a big way) and is just. so. darn. awesome. I can't wait for you to meet him on a new level!

      Uh-huh. I don't think deserve even comes into it. I like him less and less and then a little bit more and now quite a bit less as the books go on. In one way I can understand him, a little, possibly respect him, but his relationship with Cinder is so... it feels like it's all aligned with whatever his whim is. He feels like someone who'd walk away if he changed his mind for any reason.

      YOU ARE A PUFFBALL OF UTTER LOVELINESS. Thank you! I've actually got my post all written and scheduled, for the 12th! xx

  5. I have all of the books but I haven't read any of them yet. I can't seem to find any interest. I like the idea of your challenge. Are you going to continue with the novellas once they come out in stores??


    1. Oh, really? Wow! It didn't work so well early on, but now audioing them is perfect for me. I've grown to love the way the reader tells each character and it's just really excellent. I think you'd actually end up liking these a lot, so I hope you'll try them someday!

      Hmm... I don't know much about the novellas! I'm listening to Fairest, Levana's story, which is kind of one, but the rest I haven't heard of, all but one. Story collections don't work for me well, generally, but I'd be willing to give it a try, especially if I might love it as much as The Assassin's Blade! xx

  6. I am glad you liked this one more than Cinder! I still rated this one five stars even though me and it had a very rocky beginning. I didn't like Scarlet's character for the first half of the book. After reading it completely though, Wolf became my favourite character of all the series, and well, Scarlet grew on me too. I do hope you'll continue reading!

    1. Sometimes a rocky beginning means nothing when you get to the rest of the book and it's utterly wonderful, right?
      I've finished Cress and just now Fairest, and Cress was... a total game changer. She's a glorious character and Thorn. OH THORN. Still not for Wolf, but hey- maybe Winter will change that, a little (although I doubt it! He annoys me too much!). xx


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