Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Legend by Marie Lu...

Publish date- 2011.
Publisher- Penguin (Razorbill)


Review time...

(A Brief) Synopsis:
June, the prodigy of the Republic is after Day, the swiftest, greatest, and most frustrating criminal the republic faces, an unknown who triumphs every time. It isn't personal. Not until Day, this faceless mastermind who steals from hospitals and has never hurt anyone, not really, kills her brother.
Then it becomes very personal.

What I thought:
It was around the time I started blogging that I read my first dystopian novel. The Giver. About... a year, maybe two later- assumedly with The Hunger Games becoming a franchise- I read Matched and that started what *could* be called a binge of dystopia reads that carried me through nearly a whole year. My heart was broken, I met and fell in love with some of my all time favourite characters, and it was topped off with The Hunger Games, which I read the summer before the first film came out.

Since then... I've stopped enjoying, even stopped trying, other dystopias, because there were a great many disappointments, a great many half-reads that felt like all the others. The Maze Runner and Divergent were two exemptions, although I only enjoyed the first book in each series, and then... well, I fell for fantasy, the preferred genre of my childhood, and that sustained me.

Legend is, I *think*, the first dystopia I've read in years. And yes, the above is all to get to this point.

Not convinced I would fall for this well loved novel, despite truly enjoying some reviews for it, I read the graphic novel and... throughly liked it. The characters were interesting, likable, (gorgeous) and surprising- not to mention believably human- and when I was done I took a chance on the novel.
And I also throughly liked that.

I grew to *adore* June more, even, than I already did, and whilst I'm not so fond of Day he definitely benefitted from having a more detailed back-story and storytime. I feel like I'll probably grow to feel warmer for him. Probably. I was also very pleased to find I didn't find myself frustrated that I knew the storyline, since there were more details and elements that had been simplified or cut out of the gn. The characters were even more human than they already were for me (particularly on the vulnerability, making mistakes and taking time to come to decisions, realisations and the like) and their stories still caught ahold of my attention. Each passing page held me fast.

And that's remarkable. I raced through Legend and enjoyed every moment. It has a tight plot, characters with real depth, and I can feel the tendrils of potential for the next book. Also? I don't want to read the graphic novel or the book version of the Prodigy.

I want to read both.

There was, however, one thing that riled- riles, indeed- me. (Highlight for spoilers) June felt sad about leaving her beloved dog? The very last link she had to her brother and a complete sweetheart who appears throughout the book and is utterly DEAR and SUPPORTIVE and LOVING? And she didn't risk going back? I feel passionately teary about this. I feel let down.

Rating: Excellent.

This was simply throughly enjoyable. I was invested, I was intrigued, and I was a little bit in love with June. Rephrase: more than a little bit. She's a darling.


  1. I read this one back when I hadn't read too many dystopian novels and remember loving it because it was so action-packed. Sadly, I haven't read the sequels.

    Have you read Lu's The Young Elites series? I've read both books that have come out so far and they've been pretty good too.

    1. I can't help but wonder how I would have felt about other books in the dystopian genre if I'd read them first, because if you go in fresh, not knowing other work, there's more originality to be found and you're not already a little tired of things. I mean, I love dystopia- it's such an incredible experience and the world building and plot arc can be incredible, but I did get worn out with it.

      I haven't, not yet! I am definitely planning to, although I think I'll finish this series first! I hope I enjoy it as much as you are. xx

  2. I loved this one, too. Though, the second one left a lot to be desired. Needless to say, I didn't continue on with this series. I do hope you'll enjoy the rest. <3

    1. I'm glad you found Legend enjoyable, too, Joy! I'm hoping I go better with the sequel, though, since I'm definitely going to read this whole series (it comes to be very highly recommended). I'd love to keep reading it in the graphic novel-novel format. That was really an interesting way of doing it.

  3. I read this book series way back and remember really loving it so much! I think my only complaint was there was no map?? I have wanted to check out Marie Lu's other books but never got around to it. I think you will like the rest of the series.

    1. It took me so long to get it- I know I gave it a go when it first came out, but... didn't get into it. But I really, really liked it this time!
      I felt like the landscape was fairly similar, setting wise, so although I'm not directly familiar with LA, I got a good sense of it from this. It would have been interesting to see how similar everything was, though.
      I hope so! I'm also planning on reading The Young Elites, once I'm done with this series! xx

  4. I don't read dystopian books too often anymore either just because at some point they were sprouting up everywhere and I just read way too many of them! But this one sounds like one that would be worthwhile me giving a chance.

    I wanted to let you know I tagged you in a tag! http://olivia-savannah.blogspot.nl/2016/06/behind-scenes-blog-tag.html

    1. I definitely feel like I read too many of them, as well, although I was so pleased to find this one and enjoy it so much, and just get so into it. It was really nice and such a well developed story- I would definitely say it's worth giving a go!

      Oh, thanks for letting me know! xx

  5. I feel so chuffed that you ended up liking this, even though you knew the plot because you tried the graphic novel BEFOREHAND, WHICH I DON'T THINK IS HOW IT'S SUPPOSED TO GO. But hey. Still an enjoyable read, so I'm happy :D

    I cannot wait for you to get to Champion because that book owns a piece of my soul, it is so beautiful. <3

    1. You should be chuffed. I didn't have plans to read it, really, although I *had* been wanting to read the graphic novel and that totally counts. THERE IS NO RIGHT OR WRONG WAY TO READING CHIARA. You can totally read the book or the graphic novel or see the movie first. The passion was still there! *laughs* And I'm planning on doing the same thing with the next two, if I can, so...

      It will be an exciting time. WHEN WILL I GET TO IT?! WHO EVEN KNOWS?! I am pretty excited, to be honest, because I enjoyed this one A LOT.

  6. Oh Legend is a fantastic dystopian, I'm so glad you loved it. I'm sure you will love the rest of the series. And hopefully Day will grow on you a bit more too - he's so great with June. I was disappointed by Divergent and the Maze Runner too, which may be why I've not read dystopian in a while as well... Hopefully there will be a book that will get me back into the genre!

    1. I'm glad I eventually got around to reading it, which I hadn't had a plan for! It just so happened I read a few reviews and was encouraged to give it a try, and here I am! The experience was really wonderful!

      Both Divergent and TMR are really unique stories, so whe I finally did read them after struggling with so many dystopias, only to dislike them from the 2nd book onwards... it was even more disappointing than it ordinarily would have been, which was such a shame. There was so much potential in both those books. I hope you do find a book sometime soon that brings you back to the genre, too, Charlene! x


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