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Plotting a takeover: Character Buys 9.

A not so regular feature in which I pick a book and then pick out things I think the character/s themselves would own/use or just really like. All links go to etsy/the store's website. This week the featured book is...

One of my current WIPs, "B".
(I have never before done a Character Buys post on one of my own characters, so it's thrilling and bizarre and I am going to be giving away only little bits about the story and character. You can read a little about "B" on my About me + My stories page.)
Focusing on A. The protagonist.

Flowers are a reasonably large part of this dystopic-fantasy I've written, and A often takes the time to think about them, gaze at them. They have a larger meaning. Wild flowers are prevalent where ever they can thrive and flourish without being torn up. In the secret, unwatched places.

Photographs, memories, still frames of life- they're all very important to A. They are moments that can never be taken, never be stolen. This camera is practically perfect to what I imagined.

If A ever had the chance to get a tattoo, a chance that I think would be leapt at- whether it be in that world or this- it would be of a tree. Either along the forearm or on the shoulder blade.

Being set primarily in a forest, finding edible, non poisonous substances is rather important sub-element of this story. A mushroom chart would have been greatly appreciated by all. In a home (in a different time) A (and many of the other characters) would have loved this.

Trees would completely fill A's home, as you will continue to notice. Plants, sculptures, artwork. This print has that gorgeous, misty morning feel of walking through a forest that I feel certain A would treasure.

A doesn't know a whole lot about plants, herbs, edible things, so this (coupled with that mushroom print) would be so perfect. A guide to eating, cooking, and not being poisoned with the next bite.

I... won't say a whole lot about this one. Trees, books, paper, all of them are very important to A, both in the past and the present. Also this is lovely.

Particularly in the first book (which I've just finished an edit of) trust is an incredibly important element, both to the plot and to the characters (particularly A). It's something that is difficult- near impossible- to obtain, and yet sought. Something that is sought, yet almost impossible to feel.

Boots. Old, sturdy (and a little bit gorgeous, because of both those facts), well worn, are an absolute necessity. I can't quite decide which A would prefer, a short pair or a tall pair. Probably both, if the choice was offered up.

Both these and the above, they feel utterly perfect, as if I've seen something from my imagination come alive. I can imagine my whole little band of humans wearing these, wearing them every single day and being utterly perfect.

A good portion of the novel takes place in a forest, and thus I feel certain that A would have tree decals (in addition to everything else) as way of bringing nature into the home, of remembering the beauty of the wilderness even when it can't be seen.

The moon, like flowers, is a constant source of inspiration, beauty and wonder for A. Only, it can't be exterminated, at least not in this world.

That's it! I always have a marvellous time, compiling these posts, and I hope you enjoyed seeing into one of my characters (and possibly the one that has the most meaning to me) and their personality.


  1. As always, I love seeing where you draw inspirations from. <3

    1. Thanks, Joy! I'm happy to hear this interested you. Hopefully, one day, you'll get to meet A and see why and how I pieced these items together. xx

  2. Replies
    1. Thank YOU, Zane! The necklace is just so perfect! x

  3. It was cool to see a breakdown of your character and what would be valued as important to you. It makes it so much easier for us to have a mental understanding of what they would be like in the novel as well.

    My recent post:

    1. It was really fun to go hunting around and see what I could pick out that A would love, cherish, find useful. I'm really happy with what I turned out with! It feels really right, this selection, and will afford endless inspiration when I re-edit.

  4. Great post!! I enjoyed discovering your character!

    1. Thank you so much! I'm really happy to hear that! xx

  5. I loooooove this. I also love everything that A would buy, because all of them are gorgeous. Especially everything about trees. Like the fog photo print thing, because that is freaking GORGEOUS.

    Also: those boots. Both of them. *heart eyes infinitely* Especially the tall ones with the LITTLE POCKET that A could stash important little things or DAGGERS or something in. I approve of those boots wholeheartedly. 109%

    I cannot wait to see more of these posts, and get to know your characters even better :D <3

    1. Thank you! I'm really happy to hear that, Chiara! *glitter everywhere because of the happy* I love everything here, too, and I'm so happy wiht everything I found. I think A would definite be coveting everything here, if not finding a way to own all of it. And it's just like- I can see my darling in these things! And that's amazing! I like it a lot.

      Aren't they grand? And ahahahah because you are right. Knives are carried in boots. That happens frequently. *fist bumps you* I hope, when you read about the actual boots, they can match up to these amazing pairs.

      Thanks, sweetie! I usually do them on characters I like, although a certain star of AVT might well do with having one of these. xx


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