Friday, July 8, 2016

Plotting a takeover: Character Buys 10

A not so regular feature in which I pick a book and then pick out things I think the character/s themselves would own/use or just really like. All links go to etsy/the store's website. This week the featured book is...

Ouran High School Host Club by Bisco Hatori.
*Contains relationship spoilers for the series*
Focusing on Tamaki.

France is of huge importance to Tamaki as a person and character, and it's a place he thinks of with fond, bittersweet memories. It's his home, but he can't go back. Later on, I think he would fill his house with pictures and maps (like this one, of Paris) and know it was always surrounding him.

There's a whole play-out between Tamaki and Kyoya about visiting Hokkaido, and whether either of them ever got there, I know Tamaki would bring home these socks. And probably gift everyone a pair because he's adorable and sweet like that.

A snowy Paris scene would be another perfect addition- although I'm also thinking it's likely Tamaki would have lived in a house like this, at some point. 

Tea is something elemental to the Hosts, and in a way it's what brings them all together with every day; add to that the fact this is so cute Tamaki couldn't resist it, and you're set.

Not only perfect for Haruhi, who would be mercilessly loved up all the time, but for Kyoya, who, I think, would never grow out of being the "mother" to Tamaki's "father."

I made a list of words that I thought represented Tamaki as a person, and the things he likes, and "suave clothing" was one of them. Also scarves. I put the two together and found this floral print, that would look stunning on him. And I think he'd know it, too.

Not only is it old sheet music, for Tamaki's love of the piano, but it's French. *cries forever*

A love potion scented candle? The idea of Tamaki buying these and stashing them about the place, just to make sure Haruhi never stopped loving him, is, I think, accurate and also utterly sweet. Because she would find them, and know about it, and never say a thing. Well. Maybe never.

I may have already got this point across, but Tamaki likes things that are adorable. He also likes poking things, even if he shouldn't. So an adorable Marimo, which you poke to keep alive, would be perfect. Also it looks fluffy/squishy and YES.

Coming into the somewhat cushion-oriented section of the post, I adore this peaceful heart cushion, and I can 100% see Tamaki holding it (or throwing it) to signify his love, even if Haruhi had told him to hush up.

A sad teardrop cushion, perfect for when Tamaki is feeling too many emotions and needs to express them without words. Because he was never very good at that.

This is so like Nekozawa's curse doll, which was always a terror to Tamaki and simultaneously utterly adorable. The twins would send something like this to Tamaki weekly, because they're good like that.

Some things are just perfect (and necessary) because they're so cute. Tamaki loves animals. This is a sad little kitty. It's perfect. He would fawn over it.

The instant I saw this scarf, I knew it would be perfect. Dogs! Animals! Perfection! He would look brilliant in it every single moment, and everyone would know it.


  1. I LOVE this post so much, Romi! You picked such perfect items for Tamaki! He definitely needs the teardrop cushion, and I could totally picture Hikaru and Kaoru sending that doll to Tamaki frequently. A few years ago my cousins actually made me a Beelzenef puppet, LOL, which sits on my bookshelf next to the Usa-chan doll that they also made for me. :)

    1. Aah, thank you so much, Lee! That's so kind of you, and I'm just thrilled you like this and feel like I chose good things for Tamaki! I so wish I could share these picks with him *laughs* I want to see his reaction!

      Hikaru and Kaoru would totally do that, wouldn't they? I knew it! Aaaw, that's so sweet (although I hope they weren't doing it in a sinister way?)! It sounds like you have a wonderful collection! xx

  2. This post made me smile a lot. It also made me nostalgic over Ouran high school host club. I bet Tamaki would be blisfful if you gifted him with these things and then he'd possibly try over reciprocate with gifts. I imagine Honey senpai's post would just be filled with sweets and Mori. Ouran is on my long list of manga to finish someday

    1. Ooh, I'm so glad, Glaiza! I think, to be honest, I wrote it because I *am* nostalgic over Ouran. Always. I see it on my shelf or take a picture of the volumes and I just want to read them all over again. I can't wait until I actually DO!

      That makes me so happy, that you think Tamaki would like these! *cheers* *and also laughs* He probably would, wouldn't he? Such a darling, that one. I really could do a post for each character- although you've already got Honey's right. It would just be dessert blogs!

      I hope you finish Ouran one day soon, and love it! xx

  3. This is such a nice feature! I'm a huge Ouran fan and I loved Tamaki to bits! (I big Kyouya fangirl though). Tamaki will surely love these stuff! I'd like how these things fitted well with his personality! Nice job! <3

    1. Aah, oh thank you so much, Mitchii! That means a lot and I'm really thrilled you liked this feature! And also that you think I picked things Tamaki would like. That makes me really happy!

      I so wanted to feature a character from Ouran, because I have such a love and connection with it- it was my first anime and manga love- and Tamaki just seemed like the only choice, although I'm very tempted to create lists for the other characters, now, too! It would be so fun!

      Thanks again! xx

  4. OMG this post is utterly adorable, to be honest. And the fact that I was thinking of Tamaki, and how much he would love literally everything you featured means it's pretty perfect. I need to read the manga ASAP. I can't only have anime feels for this series!

    Also: my favourite item is the tear drop cushion. He would use this relentlessly to get his way. Along with his puppy eyes. 'Tis fact.

    1. AAH! Thank you, Chiara! That makes me v happy. I am a happy procrastinator right now! The fact you think these things fit Tamaki makes me endlessly thrilled, because YAYYY! I'm not the only one who thinks these things are a good pick for him! That is so wonderful to hear.
      You do, you do! I want to hear all the updates on your emotions and how you feel about all of it. So you had better start reading because I will likely get impatient otherwise. *snorts*

      Isn't it adorable? And he would. I think he could probably (briefly) live through cushions. Throwing teardrops and hearts and mushrooms to convey his feelings. He is just too often overcome. xx


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