Sunday, February 28, 2016


It's so very strange, opening blogger again. I haven't seen this screen since the end of November and the time I've spent away has gone as quickly as it always seems to.

And I'm not ready to come back.

I have spent nearly three months away, although only around two and a quarter of which were offline (I've been on instagram and my library website for a couple weeks now! Surprise!), and it was as glorious, too, as it always seems to be. If different.

I didn't have an accident this summer! No hospital trips or stitches necessary, although I did mark the day of epic pain '14 with rememberance. I read many marvellous, wonderful books and I wrote many, many short stories, and I was impassioned, thoughtful, and inspired.

I started posting Ashes, Ashes to WattPad.

I celebrated my puppy endlessly and she... is possibly more devoted to my company than ever?

I started writing a new novel. I went walking to work out a plot issue and smoothed things out. I felt like a writer, with each of these things. I feel like a writer, with everything else.

So often now I feel like I am my true self. And I don't go three weeks and then see, retrospectively, that it's wasn't true. I go three weeks and it's truer than ever.

And I'm still not ready to come back.

I've done some more preliminary edits/critique reviews on one of my novels, started a mass overhaul of another (which is emotional in all the ways- my first novel that was longer than 7K! MY BABIEST OF BABIES) and have been happy. Not always happy, but mostly happy.

I'm still not quite ready to come back, but almost. I think things are going to be quieter for me here, this year, and maybe every year after, which I was already feeling last year. I've wondered if I want to continue at all, and have decided- mostly- that I do. Blogging is important to me. The community and relationships within it, they are important to me. They will continue to be. Even if I'm less of a reviewer than I've ever been before.

I'll be back. Soonish. Probably much sooner than I expect. But for now: Hi.