About Me + My Stories

This is me. 
You shall never see any part of my face. In this I am like Lemony Snicket. Only I won't ever show you my face and it's pretty easy to find his with the internetz and all.

I write.
I read.
I have green hair some of the time.
I am a fontastic writer. And I love fonts.
I have an inability to wear dresses 97 percent of the time. Some of my favourite clothing articles are dresses.
Winged eyeliner!
My spelling is impeccable. Always.
I am sixteen. Or eighteen. Perhaps I did not update that for two years. Maybe I'm even nineteen now. WHO EVEN KNOWS.
I write this blog.
I have a favourite book and it is not the same one that my all time favourite couple features in.
I also have a favourite book, that is not even a work of fiction.

*Some of these statements are blatant lies.

I currently own an utterly gorgeous staffy called Kasta, who I misnamed after a character in a favourite book, a black rabbit called Hugo (book names forever) and two fish- Hester and Bob.
One day I shall own a retired greyhound and I shall call the beauty Kasia. I'll also own a cat (Serafina) and a wolfhound (name as yet undecided).

I also hope to break hearts with my words one day. Watch out.
Which brings me to my writing. I'm a writer! Did you guess? I've written a couple of things in my time, and completed a couple less. Let's summarise.

My current, main focus WIP, AVT takes fairytales, children questing in lands quite unlike their own, damsels in distress and the whole complex discussion of hero and villain and gives it a sucker punch, presenting it in a new format. We have a quest! We have children who are sly, sardonic and annoying! We have a princess who may or may not have murdered people! We have a villain who was once a heartthrob.

The sequal to AVT, DOF (how you liking those code names?) tells the story of a girl in the same fantastical world, only we've never met her before. She's out for vengeance.

B is currently being edited and throughly worked on. It's a dystopic fantasy novel in which a young woman with a twisted history and a draining illness seeks out the rebels to help her. For some reason. The rebels are kinda lying and arsey, but they're also kinda awesome.

The sequel to B, which has a heck of a cliffhanger.

Perceivable Intensities-
Perceivable Intensities is a standalone sci-fi/fantasy novel where a secret agent goes on a cross country journey to catch a gang, talk up her hated partner and kill people. She, too, like vengeance. I'm soon to start editing this and it will appear on Wattpad, December 2015!

A Consternation of Peacocks-
Is... possibly going to be abandoned. I like about half of it? It's about a girl who lives in a kind of futuristic world and goes to boarding school, sees her missing pet peacock (named Hercules, thank you), ventures into the school woods and ends up in fantasy-land.