Author Q&A's + My Features.

Here are links to the features I regularly do on this here blog (click the titles to see past posts) -

From me to you and back again
This is a feature that started in April 2015, and it's all about making people think and consider their feelings and their ideas.

Plotting a Takeover: Character Buys
This began in 2013 and has been going with no regularity whatsoever- ever since! Watch as I pick out items that I think some of my favourite characters would love today.

Books for when you're...
Started in the beginning of 2013, this is basically what it sounds like. Only more fun. And with even more books than you'd imagine.

A Feature of Pictures and Books
I love illustration and in 2014 I decided to make a feature of reviewing picture books and expressing my adoration for the gorgeous illustration and stories that these little novels hold.

List of author Q&A's I have conducted-

Lian Tanner
Dana Reinhardt
Kirsty Murray
Sue Saliba
Gayle Forman, 1 & 2
Steph Bowe
Alison Lester
Anna Cidor
Suzanne LaFleur
Anna Sheehan
Melissa Keil
Kristen Simmons
Ute Wegmann
Tessa Kiros
Alison Stewart
Leanne Hall
Jay Asher
Kate Knapp
Sarah Littman
Jennifer Donnelly
Jackie French
Sulari Gentill
Cat Patrick
Coral Tulloch